Adelaide to the Flinders Ranges: Day One

Brenda's Blog

It was a beautiful sunny day in Campbelltown. Our hosts, Didy and Mick, had prepared a delicious fruit breakfast, and would accompany us to the beginning of the Mawson trail. After a pleasant 14 km ride along the Torrens, we parted company. They looked a bit concerned as we joined the Gorge Road and headed off into the distance, along with massive v-double trucks thundering past. A further 4 kms saw us turn off the road and onto the trail.

So far, so good. We had come about half the distance to our destination at Woodside in about one hour. Who would think it would take another three and a half hours to go 5 kms? Anyone who had looked at the profile, that's who. And anyone who understood the word 'brutal', which was how the path was described. Ray thought the hard work would be worth it for the views. It wasn't. Anyone who has been to Mount Lofty would have had better views. Ray even complained about his bike not having a low enough gear. We had to push the bikes over the steepest hills. And just when we thought we couldn't go any higher, we would turn a bend to discover we could. It was a bit like walking in the Himalayas, but with the added challenge of pushing a heavy bike.

I wanted to give in and phone for the back-up team, but they could not get anywhere near us by car, so we had to persevere. Fortunately my slave took pity on me as I lay in the middle of the track dying, and after pushing his bike up some particularly steep slope, would come back down to push mine. I crawled up behind him. Finally we reached the road and it was mostly downhill from there.

We stopped in the town for some excellent coffee and the rode on a few hundred meters to Rose Cottage. After a hot bath and a cold shower (it was 32 degrees today, but looking forward to 34 degrees tomorrow) I almost feel human again. Can't wait for the 70 km trip to Tanunda. Apparently the worst is now behind us!

Ramond's Pics and Comments


We travelled to Adelaide via the coast, just for a change. We stopped at Pelican Way just as the old bridge is being replaced by a massive flyover. It is obvious that this electorate where the government had a big chance of losing so they had to bring out the pork barrelling.


After arriving at South West Rocks we walked on Horseshoe Beach. Took a swim at the cute little beach the following morning.



Unfortunately the 12 Apostles and now down to about 7 or 8. On the bright side, more are being created when stuff breaks off from the mainland.



Luckily i caught a bush before i fell to the beach below



The danger of touring. Luckily we were warned many times in our travels.


Photos just don't do these hills justice.


Nearly to the top of the first hill. Was the this the stunning scenery that was the promise of a fellow traveller on his blog here


The satisfaction of having done most of the hard stuff, going up every hill at least 1.5 times. The alternative was getting shredded by Brenda.


A nice easy tarmac hill. The bonus was a shortcut to our lodgings and kilometers of downhill.


We have arrived at the Rose Cottage, a top spot not far off the trail (about 6 klms) Book Here.

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