We arrived at the car park at Gubbio and as luck would have it (although Ray didn't think so), found it was adjacent to the funivia. This is similar to a ski-lift, which conveniently takes you to the top of the mountain, where there is a cafe and the obligatory church. We left Ray on terra firma and enjoyed the ride and the view.  The town was busy, as it was Sunday but we fought through the crowds and even found the Roman ruins. It was our last Umbrian village to visit. 

We celebrated by spending up big on dinner at Castiglione del Lago. We had booked a table overlooking the lake, and turned up a few minutes early, only to discover that our 7.30 booking had been recorded for 9.30pm. (Yes Jane, people really do eat that late). They found us a table, but it was not overlooking the lake. However, the meal was delicious. I just had to have the local dish of carp. I'm assuming it was not one of the dead ones we saw floating on the lake earlier. We even had dessert. I had been looking forward to ordering tiramisu, but it wasn't on the menu! Oh well, at least we were well fortified for our big trip on the morrow - taking Dave and Lynette to Firenze via Sienna and travelling back to Marsciano in Umbria.


Unlike other villages that we visited on our Umbria trip, Gubbio is not on a hilltop, but not to be outdone, they have a "funivia" (see below) which takes you to the adjacent Monte Ingino.


Part of the town of Gubbio layed out before Brenda in her "birdcage" (note the cage in the foreground). Most of the old town is out of sight on the right of the picture from this viewpoint. Whilst  travelling to Gubbio, we were reading about the attractions and Lynette read a warning that if you had a problem with heights, you should not catch the Funivia, so I made up my mind that I would stay planted down the bottom. Once we got there, I realised it was very steep, but you weren't that far off the ground at any point, however, I decided to stick with my original choice and chicken out. I wasn't sorry.


Here is a shot of parts of the old town including part of a Teatro Romana (Roman Theatre for the unwashed), at the bottom of the park area.


Not a huge cathedral on this occasion, but a local church in the old town. If you live in Gubbio, you are spoiled for choice with your catholic churches: you have about 19 (yes nineteen) to choose from in an area of less than 20 sq klm


Love birds in a cage. Awwww....


Three of my favourite things in Italy. Piaggio Ape utes, Ancient arches and Fiat Pandas. What a combination! Italy really does have it all.


A speeding tourist train going past us at speeds approaching 300 klm/hr. Oh wait, that was the Milan to Bologne express that goes that speed.


Don't you love the detail on all of this old stuff. Most of it gets eaten away over time, but not this little iron puppy.


Dave and Lynette walk down the hill to the main Square of Gubbio. Gubbio is built on the mountain side, not the mountain top. They had not been to Umbria before and were taken by the awesomeness of it all. I'm not on facebook, but she is and has  lot of her picss ar there (sorry don't know her address - she might put it in comments - also some people may not be able to see the comments button below due to facebook and country restrictions etc etc etc - might have to reactivate my own comments widget)


Gubbio's main street. We had been to Gubbio previously (in 2006). On that occasion, the street was packed with marchers in a mediaevil procession, with people carrying banners and other paraphernalia. I'm pretty sure I have some shots of it at home, but for this blog, you dip out, sorry. On this occasion we saw a lot more of the town and it was a lot bigger than we had realised.


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