On To Croatia

Our trip to Ancona to return the car was uneventful. Hats off to Ray for driving nearly 2,000 kms in Italy without a scratch. Although it took more than three hours to get the car in Bologna, it took about three minutes to return it. Ancona airport was practically deserted, which was good for returning the car, but bad for getting a bus or train into the town. Apparently they only appear when there is an incoming plane, which wouldn't be for hours, in our case. 

We took a taxi ride to the boat terminal where we languished for the next 6 hours. The car had to be back by 11am, but the boat wasn't leaving until 7pm. We didn't fancy a long walk into the city with all our luggage, so amused ourselves by reading, and innocently thought we could break that up with lunching in the ristorante above the terminal. Only problem was that the ristorante was closed. I started and finished my book, and was pretty hungry by the time we boarded.

Fortunately, Ray had booked dinner along with the cabin. We weren't first in line for the meal, but close to it. The ferry was huge, taking several semi-trailers, along with heaps of cars in the hold. There must have been about 700 cabins as well. So the trip over was as smooth as a pistachio gelato, considering the largeness of the vessel and the calmness of the water. We arrived in Split about 7.30 in the morning to grey skies.


The SNAV ferry awaiting us at Dock 8.


Whilst on board prior to departure we got a great sunset


Pulling away from the dock a few minutes late.


We cruise into Split at around 7.30 am local time


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