The accommodation is in an old farm house, with shared kitchen and lounge. The kitchen is not so well equipped as that in our villa. Although there is a coffee machine, there is no kettle and surprisingly, no spoons. Plenty of knives and forks to eat your yoghurt and cereal with. 

The reason that we are here is to check out a house for sale, but the first thing we had to do was recharge Ray's phone so we could find it. After entering the phone shop (we could have recharged by phone, but could not understand the Italian instructions), our usual waiting game ensued. 45 minutes later we were finally served and our problem solved. 

We took a delightful ride in the countryside as the house was about 20 minutes out of the town. The house seemed pretty good, but it was in a valley and if I am going to be in the middle of Italy with no access to the sea, at least it needs a great view. Admittedly, it was looking out to fields. The village was not vibrant, with no pasticeria or cafe. Where could I go for my morning coffee?

Tomorrow we leave Italy for Croatia. We just need to return the car and get to the port at Ancona. What could.... 


We had high hopes for this lovely residence in Umbria, but, alas, too much work and not quite enough going for it. The adjoining town doesn't have any services. Sad.


In the nearby town of Castiglion della Valle there's a church. Of course, that's not unusual, trouble is, that's about it. When you don't go to church, that's not much use.


IMG_20230919_124730The streets of a nearby village but no bargains for sale.


Oh wait! This one might fit the bill


More old building held together by iron clamps



They may be old buildings but they are still part of everyday life.


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