Dubrovnik Part 1

We spent the morning doing absolutely nothing. I managed to find some coffee in the cupboard, but it turned out to be stuff you cook in a saucepan, so we did have to go out in search of espresso. Doing nothing also included washing clothes and making breakfast. On the boat the fruit was very standard - oranges, apples and bananas. There was no yoghurt. So I enjoyed making some  fruit salad with kiwi fruit and blueberries and other stuff and adding yoghurt. 

Our espresso search brought us to a very local cafe. No tourists in sight. Yippee! I will be returning tomorrow. This afternoon we decided to visit the war photo gallery in the old city. At least we could sit down, but it was very depressing. We had to return home for drinks on the deck yet again. Our lovely host Svanka spied us and brought us some apple strudel that she had just made. I love this place.

Ray has finally decided that a shower is in order (apparently swimming in the crystal waters of the Adriatic counts as a shower), and we will shortly go for dinner. Dobar tek!


Looking at the Adriatic coast on the road lading down to old Dubrovnic town, you can just see one of the swimming spots they often called "beaches", but really are just a platform and a ladder. If you're up for it, you can just dive in from the rocks. (not from where we are standing, I hasten to add.)


Right beside the walls of the old town is a canoe hire place. Canoes are taken out, usually in groups, to paddle to the nearby islands. It is pretty open water there and I am sure at times, it gets pretty rough.


In one of the main squares of the old town, people everywhere, highly commercialised and highly priced.


Where did happy Brenda go? I'm sure she will be back later. Under the pink ribbon is the entrance to the main port from which you can visit the local islands. Also where the boats from the cruise ships come in to deposit their human cargo of spenders. They are discussing restricting the number of cruise ships that can come in as it is making the place far too busy.


From the deck of our apartment in Dubrovnik (Apartment Monica, named for the daughter of the owners). nice view, relaxed vibe. The tower just to the left of the setting sun is the top of Mt. Srdj where we later caught the cable car.


Having morning drinks at our "local", just opposite the entrance of the social security office.


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