Finally Docked In Dubrovnik

Our last day of riding consisted of a very easy ride around a lake in a nature park, followed by a ride on a ferry to an island with a monastery in the middle of the lake. We then returned to the Sail Croatia boat for our last bit of sailing to Dubrovnik. We stayed overnight on the boat, but were free to explore the town. 

Maddie, our only Australian friend decided to go to a place where you dive from height into the water. Fortunately, we didn't go with her to film it, as she lost her bikini top on the way! We took a sedate walk into the old city, and asked at an electronics store about a Garmin charger, as Ray had put it in a safe place. We were informed that we would have to order it from Zagreb as no-one stocked them in Dubrovnik. 

Later, after visiting the old city and being aghast at the crowds, Ray did some searching and discovered a store that stocked the correct charger. That would be a search for the morrow. Meantime we discovered a restaurant not too far from the boat that provided seafood at reasonable prices. 

We had our final breakfast meal with the group the next morning. Ray spread his cold around by hugging everyone in sight. (It's not a Strachan gathering without saying long goodbyes to everyone). We decided to catch a bus to our lodgings, but after waiting 3/4 of an hour and watching many full buses not stopping, we decided to walk up the hill with our bags. On the way we stopped at an electronics store to pick up the aforementioned Garmin charger, only to discover that they were out of stock. However they suggested another store. We decided to have a coffee to get enough strength to walk up the hill and return later for the charger.

We were only going to drop our bags, but our lovely hosts said the room was ready and we could move in. By that stage, I could feel the inevitable cold sapping my strength. We did manage to walk back down the hill to get the charger, and to do some grocery shopping. We made it back to our digs, where Ray could not pretend any further that he was ok. He slept for a few hours, before we decided to have sunset drinks on the deck. We had purchased a lovely bottle of Sav Blanc for 5 euro at the grocery store. Our host decided to join us for a chat (reminiscent of our old neighbour Jack, although he is the same age as Ray) and we had to retreat inside just to stop the tirade. We were looking for day trips out of Dubrovnik, but by morning neither of us was well enough to go anywhere.


In this small town on Mljet we discovered a blues bar with bikes, old boats and very clear water. Just for a change.


Brenda and two of our Tampan friends enjoying BB King or someone similar, whilest we took in the vibe and watched cats sleeping. Cats not in shot, but believe me they are there. They are always there.


Going into the township of Pomena


Captain Vlad for the Mali Ante really pleased to see us off. He had been working 21 weeks straight without a day off, trying to be nice to tourists like us. One more week to go.


Out aussie friend Maddie trying to make sense of the whole week, no doubt, sitting on the back platform of the boat with her feet in the water.

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