On The Road Again - Tirana to Lake Ohrid

The ride begins with a 2 hour bus ride out of the city and a very easy 30km ride, mostly around a lake, to become acquainted with our bikes. Stop press: I have an e-bike! After the debacle of the competitive cycling group in Croatia, I decided that everyone would be better off if I could speed up the hills. Turns out that I needn't have worried, because no-one seems competitive in this group. They are just out to enjoy the experience. Oh well, I will just have to put up with the e-bike.

Lake Ohrid is cut in two by the Albanian/Macedonian border. We had to cross the border to visit a monastery, producing our passports at both customs inspection points on the way in and out of each country. The monastery was set in lovely gardens on the lake, but bordered by plenty off shops. You can even buy raki (the national drink) at the monastery, except on Sundays.

We are staying in a very nice hotel with a view to the lake tonight. Joined by our fellow bikers, we enjoyed a typical Albanian feast for dinner, on the shores of the lake. Must rest now for a terribly difficult (not) 51 km ride tomorrow.


Our first view of Lake Ohrid, a very large lake which forms part of the Albania - Macedonia border


The saint for which the monastery, just over the border in Macedonia, is named, Saint Naum. This is a fairly recent chainsaw carving of the great man.


Our group getting to know each other in the carpark at the monastery, being given the low down by Arjan, our guide.


A view of the monastery, covered on the inside of pictures of saints of the eastern orthodox religion. Originals from around the 6th century.


Brenda pretending to almost fall over a wall into Lake Ohrid. Convincing, I know.


One of the gates to the monastery complex.


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