This Riding Life

The weather hadn't much improved as Sunday dawned, so our 50 km ride to the other side of the island where the boat was to pick us up, turned into a 30km ride, with the steepest bit of the ride avoided. I was soo disappointed. By the late afternoon the sun returned and we were able to swim in the Adriatic. 

It seems that the e-bikes have had a few problems with the batteries. Our guides carry some spares, but not enough on our first big day. Maddie, our Australian friend started out on a hybrid, but decided it was all too much and switched to an e-bike. Obviously, they go much quicker than me up hills. 

Yesterday we had a great ride, going up a gradient of 10 degrees for 10 kilometres, but the ride down was truly magical, with magnificent views of the blue Adriatic. 

Today we arrived in Vis, for our hardest ride of the journey. It didn't help matters that I was feeling a bit queasy from the two hour island crossing. Anyway, we set out to climb two big hills, one with a gradient of 15 degrees. I was prepared to do it slowly, but as it happened, it was too slow for the e-bikers. One of the guides swapped his e-bike with me, about a kilometre from the top. The same thing occurred on the next hill. So it was a pretty disappointing riding day. But not for Ray, who raced me to the top and loved every minute of the excruciating climb.

To top it all off, we went to the beach for a swim, then returned our bikes to be stowed for the next journey. On getting to our cabin, we realised the key was missing. Ray had to walk back to the beach, but it wasn't to be found. He must have gone swimming with it in his pocket, so now it is in the crystal waters of Vis. Needless to say he was none too happy on his return. Meanwhile I had got housekeeping to open the cabin for me. So here I sit at the open cabin door looking out at all the boats in the harbour on this gorgeous sunny evening.


The semi abandoned township of Lozise which has a remaining population of around 100. Many people abandoned the town when phytophera wiped out many of the village's vines which was the ,main source of income for the town. With the right offer, you could probably turn yourself into a property magnate.


AT the top of our first real climb, what do we find? A church of course...


And a bar with its own graveyard. By this stage Brenda had one foot in the grave, without being disrespectful to any of those buried there. In the background are more from our group.


At all of the significant points of the ride, our fearless leader, Iveca would make sure all of the troops were together before proceeding. The previous day, when asking if we were all going riding, in spite of the rain, he matter of factly said. "Of course I'm going, we are not made of sugar!" Everyone went, avoiding the question whether or not the pikers were made of sugar or not. No one melted. 


Our first really big downhill, back into town, we were confronted with this. An amazing view and and amazing ride down the hill.


Maddie, our little aussie battler friend, caught us having a cuddle prior to the ride down.


The water is sooooo clear.


Another renovator's delight. Nice views, good neighbours.


From the top deck of the Mali Ante, looking across to the west. Also viewing the more expensive cousin in the Sail Croatia fleet.


Boats, boats, boats, old buildings, hills, clear water. Wherever you look.



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