The ups and downs of the Adriatic

I knew it wasn't going to be an easy ride when a plastic bottle flew past at head height as we were crossing the road to walk up the hill before breakfast. Oh my, it was windy and in the wrong direction. We walked up 280 steps to see Corfu from the lighthouse. Unfortunately, the haze beat us to it. We returned to our hotel for a great breakfast if you like cake. There were many to choose from.

Then it was on our bikes to ride up the hill, which was probably the equivalent of 800 steps, as the 280 were only about a quarter of the way up. The scenery was really amazing, steep cliffs, azure blue bits of sea, some greeny bits, white villages, blah de blah. Any excuse to stop and take photos, at least it gave me a breather. The worst of the ride (silly me, I thought it was at the beginning) was left till last, as the wind really increased and there was a 2km climb. Lots of Lycra riders passed us at speed going in the other direction, and no wonder, with a 35 kph breeze behind them. 

We finally arrived in Otranto to discover that we were the first of the group to check in. Our mission was to find some chocolate, because we hadn't had any since we started the ride (chocolate gelato is not counted). We passed our second wedding party of the day. Seems like Thursday afternoon is the time to don the wedding gear or the Lycra. We did manage to find a supermercato in a back street and were able to stock up on chocolate. No sunset drinks as the sun disappeared in cloud and the temperature plummeted to a balmy 15. After insulating ourselves with an extra jumper, we dined out at a fine little restaurant and ended the day feeling very smug for being able to ride up every hill, and very sated on chocolate and fine food.

One more ride in the south tomorrow before catching a train to Bolzano tomorrow night and doing the riding thing all over again.

Ciao for now

Brenda and the rider

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