Going round the bend

It's day 4 of our ride and we are still speaking. Now that we are following the coastline, we don't really need directions or a map. It was sunny, cool and the wind was finally behind us, so it was a breeze to wander along the coast. A friendly English couple who are also doing the bike ride joined us for morning tea.  As there are no public toilets anywhere, we have resorted to buying a coffee so that we can use the loos. Most of the resorts and villages that we have passed through are like ghost towns as the summer season has not started yet. Fortunately we have located the few bars that are open when the need has been greatest! 

Another English couple have been quite distant, so it was fun to wave at them whilst I was sitting in a giant deck chair posing for a photo opportunity. I think one of them might have smiled as they rode past. We stopped for lunch at a trattoria overlooking the sea and ordered some grilled fish which was reasonably priced at 6 euro. We thought it tasted delicious and were congratulating ourselves on picking such a great place to eat, when the bill arrived and we found that our 6 euro fish were 15 euro each, so suddenly the lunch didn't taste so great anymore. 

I think the fish thing is still leaving a sour taste, as we couldn't bring ourselves to have anything for dinner tonight. We did manage to go for a walk in SM Leuca, have a sunset drink and take some pics of some fascinating houses on the way back to our hotel. Tomorrow we will go to the top of the hill to see Corfu in the distance, and then round the bend for a ride along and up the Adriatic. Hopefully the wind will change direction, just to oblige us.

san lueca 1

Our first look at a real beach on the south western coast of Puglia -  the heel of Italy - with Italy's Gallipoli in the distance. It may look a little like a small Life saver's club in the foreground, but it is more likley to be a summer months only, ristorante. Got to get your priorities right.

san lueca 2

Surf' Up!! Get your board and your wetsuit, we're going surfing.

san lueca 3

Taking it easy at the beach - one of the most famous in the region. Maldive del Salento may have been famous 20 years ago, but it is looking decidedly down at heel at present. THe Big Deck Chair and Umbrella is by far its most impressive feature.

san lueca 4

Brenda preparing for a photo shoot with yet another deserted coastal town in the distance. So much accommodation, so few people. Lucky that, otherwise Brenda may have been mobbed.

san lueca 5

Two more silly old farts, with the blue Mediteranean as a backdrop.

san lueca 6

Recurring themes on our Italian sojourn. Cacti, blue seas, small Italian roads, boats and work starting on yet another development project that may never be finished.

Ciao for now, 

Brenda and the fish tale

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