Riding around Loch Ness 09/09/2013

Never believe Ray when he says it's just a short hill to ride up. We spent 5 hours riding, 3 hours by the loch and 2 hours going up a mountain. I can barely move! And no, the scenery was not worth it, although the sheep and cows were amused. Dodging cow pats, horse dung and sheep shit is not my idea of fun, not to mention the gravel and the pot holes, oh, and the occasional car.
We are off to Fort William tomorrow. Went to Culloden today, after the bike ride, and wandered around the field. We were too late back to enjoy a strawberry tart from the best deli in Scotland (I know this because we had a strawberry tart there last night), but managed to have a delicious pie in the pub for dinner.
Now I am lying prostrate on the bed, exhausted. Ray will just have to wait on me hand and foot for the rest of the journey.
Must go die now. Servant, I need a cup of tea.....
Brenda and slave

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