Over Wye 18/09/2013

Well we persevered with the river and finally got to the end. We paddled 14 miles in 4 hours, and it only rained tumultuously for 3 hours and 59 minutes. It rained because it was too cold to snow. I was suffering from hyperthermia and even with our great rain gear, we got thoroughly drenched. We did have the opportunity of paddling half way, going to the pub on the river and phoning the company to pick us up, but you know who considered it a challenge, whilst I considered it madness, when I just wasn't shivering to death. At least it wasn't windy today and we didn't do any unnecessary 360s or turn the boat over, but it did fill with a lot of water from the rain. We found our destination and phoned the company to pick us up, but they weren't there. So we had to stand around in the rain, with one of us contemplating murder. Luckily for some, the pick-up arrived before action could be taken. We retired to the nearest inn to have a hot coffee and decide where to spend the night. So here we are at Clevedon, on the Somerset coast, where the weather is wild. We stopped by the pier, and the seas were crashing over the sea wall. We are having so much fun in a holiday park, but the wifi is great, and the water is hot. Speaking of which, we are off to Bath tomorrow. Must go watch the soccer on the huge screen, or play the pokies.

Here's an idea Rach. You could design me a t-shirt that says "I survived the Wye" and one for Ray that says "I survived Brenda"

Love to all

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