Paddling on the Wye 17/09/2013

Wye you may ask. Did I mention never believe Ray when he says it will be a pleasant three days just floating down the river? First day we had to go 20 miles (that's MILES). It started off grey and just got worse. We did manage to do a few 360s in our 4m canoe. The wind was exactly against us, and that joined with the driving rain, straight into our faces, was not much fun. And not having a map with any distances on it, made it greatly  enjoyable to guess how far we had to go. After 6 hours, we thought we had made it, so beached the canoe, and I managed to fall out into the mud. Ray went off to check where we were, and managed to walk through some stinging nettles. Oh yes, it was pleasant all right. And that was only the first day. I was so cold, I could not stop shaking. Anyway, managed to find our lodgings for the night, definitely drawing the line at camping, and stayed at the best B&B ever. She had hot tea and fresh cake waiting for us. After a hot shower, I realised how all my muscles were aching.
Yesterday, after a forecast of zero percent rain, we set off for a mere 11 miles, and got pissed on thoroughly. Only did one 360, but the wind was not kind. We are back in Ross on Wye, just about to set off for the final 14 miles. It is overcast...
Might be only one of us coming back to Australia.

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