At the beach 20/09/2013

We went to Bath yesterday and visited the Roman Baths. Listened to Bill Bryson and some other boring people who provided commentary about the site. Actually it was quite interesting, but a race against time to make it back to the timed and paid for car park. Speaking of paid car parks, England is about as bad as Turkey. Finding a place to stop is impossible without forking out pounds for it. Some don't give change, so bad luck. We wandered about Bath (Austen central - it happens to be some 200th anniversary this week for Jane) seeing lots of costumed Janes, for a few hours,and then retired to our digs, where a Frenchman and his Jamaican girlfriend welcomed us. We went off to the local pub for a delicious dinner and endured some Aussies trying to outdo each other with their travel stories. Ray and I just ate in silence and slithered from the room.

We drove down to Weymouth today. It rained most of the way. We stopped off in Dorcester to buy a new universal plug, as we had left ours in Clevedon. That is the royal we, Ray was to blame. The shop assistant had been to Mackay, and then just wouldn't shut up about his mates in the submarine world. We didn't care as it was raining cats and dogs outside. Finally made it to the coast, where it promptly stopped raining and the sun came out. If it stays out in the morning, I will go for a swim, even though it is only 15 degrees, and the water temperature is 14.

We walked down to Enzo's tonight for dinner. Obviously we had to go there. The moon was shining across the calm water. Our waiter was a Djokovich look-alike, so we shared the obvious with him. He also had the Joker's comic wit. Anyway, they had whitebait, and the food was excellent.

We will be going to Bridport tomorrow. I think that is where they filmed that recent mystery about the kid that was throne off the cliff. Shall do some cliff walking. (Watch out Ray!) I don't think we will have time to go to London, as we leave for Spain on Sunday. Ola!

Buenos noces
Brenda and the slave

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