English scenes 21/09/2013

I did manage to start the day with a swim this morning. It was refreshing, and no colder than HB in winter. No-one else was in the water, but this evening, when the tide was low, 7 Englishmen swam for about a mile and two women got in the water.
We had a lovely day wandering about the English countryside. The day started cloudless and sunny, but by the time we got to Bridport, where it was confirmed that Broadchurch was filmed, it was cloudy and cool. We took a walk up some cliffs, and across a shingle beach to the cliffs that appeared in the program. We are in Dorset on the Jurassic Coast and the scenery is stunning. We also walked up to St Catherine's, a little 14th century chapel which is built on the top of a hill, overlooking Chesil Beach. They still use it occasionally for stuff, but you have to bring your own chair, altar, sacrifice, etc.

Every little village we stopped at had its own pay car park. So annoying. We have run out of change to feed the damn things often, and have to resort to buying ice creams or chocolate or drinks, just to get the right money (well that's our excuse). We managed to get a free car park on the street in Abbotsbury, so celebrated by having Dorset apple cake, clotted cream and tea.

We changed B&Bs today, and now have a room with a view of Weymouth Bay. The splendour of the view matches the squalor of the room, but what the heck. Tomorrow we go to Dunstable, as it is close to
Luton, where we leave England forever, and head to Spain. We bought a Learn Spanish in a week CD, so now we can say Buenos Tardes in a Spanish accent. It's all you need, isn't it?

Must go feed the parking machine, (damn, haven't got change, will have to buy a glass of vino)

Brenda and the slave

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