Last night in the UK 22/09/2013

We decided that it would be a great idea to stay close to Luton Airport, so we travelled up from Weymouth, not on the direct route which would take 3 hours, but on the scenic route through every village in Britain, which took 6 hours. We did see Windsor Castle in the distance, and stopped for lunch in Hartley Wintney, which seemed to be full of posh horse lovers, so it was worth the extra map reading.
This b&b is such a contrast with last night's. you can actually walk around the bed and the cover does not look as though it has been rescued from the second hand store. Everything is new, not 50 years old and a lovely Irish lady made us tea on arrival.
Must go and reorganise my bag for the flight. It has been a very grey day today, so we are looking forward to sunny Spain.
Hasta la vista baby.
Brenda and the slave

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