Heaven 25/09/2013

We made it to heaven today (Astorga), as it is the chocolate capital of the world. The first sign I saw said "Bueno casa des chocolatte" or Best house of chocolate, which kinda indicated something good ahead. Astorga even has a chocolate museum. We have photographed several chocolate shops just because we can. There is also a palace designed by Gaudi, right next to the cathedral. And ruins - yep Roman ruins as well, what more could you want???
We are staying in a rather upmarket (for us) hotel, with a receptionist who speaks Australian, which means lots of Aussies do the trip. We can even get a 3 course meal for 9 euro, because we are pilgrims! However, we can't get a pilgrim passport until tomorrow, as the pilgrim passport place was closed, so more expensive food tonight.
We had to rush out and buy some chocolate straight away, and now I feel sick after only a few bits (well, few as in muchos chocolatte). It's 8.30pm and I was hungry. We haven't had dinner yet.
The route on the camino is well documented for us. We pick up our bikes in the morning and just do a small ride of 40kms up an incline to 1500m. What the! Ray obviously was hiding something. I don't dare look at the wind forecast. Now, if only I could get someone to pedal the bike for me. Ray........
Me and the slave

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