Death 28/09/2013

I've got it now! Ray wants to kill me. Today we were on the road, up the goat track and in the pouring rain for six hours. We made it to the top of the hard climb this morning after about two hours, and a wrong turn. Ray has the map and secretly guided us to a sheer climb on slippery rocks. We passed a line of very big cows who were coming down, and who just looked at us with those eyes saying "bloody idiots".

But we did finish that climb as the heavens opened. Ray didn't take his wet weather gear, pretending that it wouldn't rain much, but now that he wants to kill me, I was wise and had my raincoat. We dashed to the nearest church, to wring out our clothes (had no dry stuff with us) and then dashed down to the cafe where every walker and his wet dog was merrily telling stories and staying the night. After a quick espresso, we needed to push on. The rain hadn't stopped but the mist had rolled in, making us invisible, as the bikes don't have lights or reflectors. We stopped, ray took off his bright orange wet shirt, and made me wear it, so the cars could see what they were hitting.

We pretty much stuck to the main road after that, which continued to rise and descend. The wind was so strong in parts, that we had to pedal on the steep descents. I thought my head was going to blow off. Anyway, after another bout of almost hyperthermia (the temperature has dropped from 30 to 14 ) we finally made it to Sarria, absolutely sodden. We couldn't even get our passports out, as we were too wet.

But, last night we met some lovely people from all over the place, and joined them for a delicious dinner at our hotel. The usual pilgrim prices applied.

Luckily, the forecast is for rain tomorrow and Sunday. Today was supposed to be an easy day. I just can't wait for tomorrow!
Adios, Brenda and the slave.

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