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Paddling on the Wye 17/09/2013

Wye you may ask. Did I mention never believe Ray when he says it will be a pleasant three days just floating down the river? First day we had to go 20 miles (that's MILES). It started off grey and... Read More

At the beach 20/09/2013

We went to Bath yesterday and visited the Roman Baths. Listened to Bill Bryson and some other boring people who provided commentary about the site. Actually it was quite interesting, but a race agains... Read More

English scenes 21/09/2013

I did manage to start the day with a swim this morning. It was refreshing, and no colder than HB in winter. No-one else was in the water, but this evening, when the tide was low, 7 Englishmen swam for... Read More

Last night in the UK 22/09/2013

We decided that it would be a great idea to stay close to Luton Airport, so we travelled up from Weymouth, not on the direct route which would take 3 hours, but on the scenic route through every villa... Read More

Espagnol es bueno

We made it to Madrid together! The weather is really sunny and it is warm, very warm. We went for a walk last night and happened upon two brass bands with a religious ceremony in between. The street w... Read More

Heaven 25/09/2013

We made it to heaven today (Astorga), as it is the chocolate capital of the world. The first sign I saw said "Bueno casa des chocolatte" or Best house of chocolate, which kinda indicated som... Read More

Death 28/09/2013

I've got it now! Ray wants to kill me. Today we were on the road, up the goat track and in the pouring rain for six hours. We made it to the top of the hard climb this morning after about two hour... Read More

Not so sunny Scotland 7/09/2013

We had some brisk castle ruin tours today as it was a rather fresh 8 degrees (we are in the highlands) and it was raining too. Caught up with Di and Mick, who found us the last room in the inn in Inve... Read More

This really is the last blog

Just had to share our Charles de Gaulle airport story. We had our escape plan to the airport from gray Paris organised with military precision, and all went to plan until we arrived at the airpor... Read More

Adios Espagna, bienvenu France

Well, we didn't get to swim in the Bay of Biscay or the Mediterranean. And we didn't hire bikes to ride up Montjuic. But we did do a lot of walking. Montjuic was the site of the 1992 Olympics,... Read More
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