Day 3: Cargo to Cowra

I was mistaken. The really hard day (punishing, according to the classification) will be tomorrow. Today was a bit of a doddle, being only 67kms, with only 7kms of gravel, and mostly flat or downhill. A few hills were lurking at the start, and when Ray announced the last climb, I just knew there would be another one coming up around the corner. Et voila, a long and arduous gravel climb.

We stopped in Canowindra for morning tea, but missed the Age of Fishes Museum, where about 3500 types of freshwater fish were found fossilised in a 360 million year old river bed. Feeling a bit of a fossil myself, we pressed on, eating our lunch in the rain and making it to Cowra in excellent time.

We stopped at a pharmacy to pick up a RAT test. Ray received notification this morning, that half his squash mates had tested positive to Covid, from the Thursday night fixtures, which he attended. Immediately deciding that he had a runny nose (nothing to do with riding into the wind), he has now completed the test. And the results are... I am hoping that it is positive and use it as an excuse to miss out on tomorrow's punishing day. Damn, results just in show a negative test.

Oh well, onto the bikes again tomorrow for a punishing day.

Vista clear

More vistas. Plenty of rolling hills with an old but functioning farm building

vista tree 2

More impressive farm buildings - not sure what is inside

Vista tree framed

A tree framed vista with the added bonus of a circular field. How can you tell it is circular? See below...

Irrigation Circle

A circular irrigation device. The hub on the device is out of shot on the right.

Vista crop

Green crops. Not sure what it is but there sure is a lot of it - probably tens of acres.

Down road 2

The high point of this section of climb about 30 klms from Cowra. From here  there was a small downhill, then time trial mode on the flats (about 25 klms worth) into Cowra into a light headwind. We managed around 20 kph for most of the run, apart from having to put on and take off our rain jackets about 3 times.

Ride Notes

  • Overall a pretty easy day despite a light cross/head wind for most of the day
  • Gravel Road was in pretty good condition as were the minor roads with the exception of Cargo Road
  • Cargo Road has a centre line, but is not a wide road with no real verge. A lot of very large trucks use the road and seem relectant to give cyclists any passing room.
  • Two trucks passed each other (in different directions) when passing us and had we not got right off the road and almost into the adjacent ditch, we would be dead. Neither vehicle slowed down or deviated from their chosen line. Take care on this road and don't play chicken with these maniacs.
  • Plenty of food options at Canowindra, but nothing at Billimari except a seat and a barbque (cannot vouch that it works)
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