Day 1 - Orange to Molong

We didn't get lost! First bike ride ever where we did not lose our way. But we did get very wet. We started off in drizzle which just got heavier as the day wore on. Fortunately it was not a particularly long day, just 56 kms, with only about 10 kms on gravel.

We took the scenic route, which involved passing many wineries, and riding up to the pinnacle. We could not peak the pinnacle as it meant walking up many dodgy steps which my knee could not tolerate.

Only one truck tried to run us down, on the last 2 kms into Molong, where we had to get onto the highway. Ray had his usual bit to say, but I am still the only person who can hear him.

The ride had quite a few hills to ride up in the lowest gear, but I managed to ride up them all without complaint. Ray had to look back often, just to see if I was still there. He couldn't believe the silence of his ears.

We are now showered dry and warm, waiting for Patsy and Doug and Annemaree to arrive from Canberra, in their car. What wimps!

Can't wait for tomorrow. 70 kms on the scenic route. Hopefully in sunshine.

orange rainbow

road to orange


brenda ready to go

canabolas fields

canabolas trees

canabolas fence

canabolas sky

canabolas mountain

look for train

another train

molong fields

molong train

molong bridge

looking for trains

Ride Notes

  • This ride is part of the Orange Villages Trail. More info here:
  • The ride is perhaps a little harder than they assess it, if you are bikepacking
  • We did it on a wet day so we took it a little easier on the downhills than we normally would have.
  • Also, the area has had some very heavy rains in recent times, so the gravel sections were not good, with a number of washouts and potholes and corrugations in addition to a lot of extra gravel to wade through at the bottom of hills. None of this conducive to riding full throttle down hill and having to avoid more obstacles uphill.
  • Other than that, a really pleasant run.
  • In good weather, they are many wineries that could be visited along the way. The wet weather put a bit of a dampener on things.
  • There are some facilities at Lake Canabolas, but apart from that, get used to using the "green door"
  • If you are not going to visit wineries, you will need to take your lunch and other food with you.
  • We stayed at the Molong Motor Inn which was just fine, if you want something more than a tent.


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