More days on the road

It's been 14 days of one night stays and it is becoming a bit of a blur. Only two more days on the bike and then we will stay in Venice for more than one night. Yesterday's ride from Verona to Vicenza was really a bit of a slog. There were two very steep hills involved. But we did manage to have a pleasant conversation with a Dutch couple who are also doing the self guided tour. Every time we see each other the exchange is "Don't follow us" because we are all really good at getting lost. It doesn't help when the arrows posted on the street signs point in two different directions! 

Did I mention the green door? That is what Italians refer to as the toilet on the road, as there are no public toilets. Yesterday we passed two truck drivers blatantly using the green door when there was no door in sight. 

Did I mention the two steep hills from yesterday's ride? The first was pretty steep but was needlessly longer, as we took a wrong turn. I don't like riding up hills, so I wasn't terribly happy. When the time came to decide which route to take into Vicenza, much to Ray's chagrin, I opted for the hill less one. However, he hadn't read the whole of the route, with the end bit advising of a very steep ascent for over a kilometre. And when they said steep, they really meant it. Our Dutch couple fell for the same trap, but they walked up the hill. And the guided group opted for the higher route and rode down to the hotel. So I guess we were the only ones with the proud achievement of riding up. It was so steep that we didn't even consider going into the town. But we did enjoy the view and found a great restaurant at the top. STOP PRESS Just discovered that the Giro d'Italia finished with a climb up this hill last year. We've been mixing it with the professionals!

We are off to Padua today, via the gelati shop in Vicenza, as even though it is cold and cloudy, and even though we have to find it, we have free vouchers!

Ciao for now,

Brenda and the hil climber


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