Do you really need directions?

Did I mention that day 2 would be easy peasy? Although it was shorter distance wise, it was just as long time wise, because the all down hill turned into the mostly uphill into the headwind. I was totally over it by the time we had left Martina Franco, after having a delicious bread roll with Italian stuff. We didn't know what we were getting, as nothing was obvious from the menu, but it was delicious all the same. 

Every town in southern Italy is built on a rather large hill, which means a lot of up on bicycles, and then nearly getting killed as you transverse the skinny streets in competition with fat cars. It only takes about thirty seconds to go down (managed 45kph going down today) but about 5 mins to go up (I think it's faster to walk). Just when you think a nice flat patch is coming up, the tour guide directions take you off road and up again. 

I wasn't impressed when Ray announced that we were lost and that we would have to go back up and retrace our steps. I looked at the map and I didn't think we were lost. But anyway, we went back up the road, came down on another one, and ended up in the same place! We can laugh about it now....(well maybe a bit later).

Anyway, here we are in Ostuni, which is high up and overlooks the sea. Unfortunately the blue skies passed us by today and our hotel room does not have a view. The wind is howling outside, I hope it goes away tomorrow. Another day, another ride. Let's hope those Italian directions get it right!

Brenda and the directions reader

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