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New Zealand - 3 Hours Ahead?

Wilcem to New Zilland. The lend of long white cloud. The shaky Isles jist across the detch. Ater being in New  Zealand a few hours, I realised that I may have been in a parallel unive... Read More

Power Travelling and Touring - 10 Factors in Enjoying Stuff

Before I start, an equation: Stuff = Masterpieces(ie statues, paintings, frescos etc) + iconic historical buildings + unbelievable natural and manmade beauty. When at school in the sixties and... Read More

Italian Motoring Adventure - Part 2

Although I have named this blog and Italian Motoring Adventure, I have a suspicion that it will soon turn into a ramble. It may have already. When thinking about the things that happen in Italy, o... Read More

An Italian Motoring Adventure - Part 1

Anything to do with motoring in Italy is a constant source of amusement and adventure. The cars and other vehicles, drivers, roads, traffic and road habits are a holiday in themselves. After comin... Read More

Hearing Impaired

Shit scared, white knuckle ride, scared witless, horrified, afraid, anxious, fearful, panicked, panicky, petrified, shaken, terrified, aghast, having cold feet, panic stricken, terror stricken. Or... Read More

Arrivo Roma

After finally arriving in Roma via Brisbane, Singapore and no less that 124 arguments, we finally had time to argue aloud. Everyone else in Rome does it, why not us. We had some fmailiarity to the... Read More

Welcome to Scotland Laddie

Ancestral home of the Strachan clan, Scotland welcomed us with some fine weather. Evidently it was the first time it had been fine for more than three days running since Ted Strachan's father ... Read More
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