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More Mountain-Top Villages

Panicale We decided to get more steps up, so we stepped up and set off for Panicale on foot. It is only about 2 kms away, but about 500m up. We arrived for our morning coffee only to discover that ... Read More

Day 8: Hallett to Spalding

Lurch made us an very large breakfast and a surprisingly good coffee for me. We were happy to get underway early, to miss the winds which apparently would start later in the day. Unfortunately, the fl... Read More

Day 5: Our stay in Clare

After last night's rain, everything is shining, including me. Today is a rest day. Yippee. With a luxurious chauffeured (thanks Mick) drive into Clare for coffee and provisions accomplished, we... Read More

Day 3: Tanunda to Riverton

I had a brilliant thought during the night, to stay in Tanunda an extra night, so we could avoid cycling in the excessive heat. Ray didn't think it was all that brilliant, as he had had a brillian... Read More

Adelaide to the Flinders Ranges: Day One

Brenda's Blog It was a beautiful sunny day in Campbelltown. Our hosts, Didy and Mick, had prepared a delicious fruit breakfast, and would accompany us to the beginning of the Mawson trail. Aft... Read More

Mountain tops

We travelled to the edge of the city, passing the only underpass in the country, going over the only one kilometer of smooth bitumen. After that it was pure dust. Anyway, we arrived at a very new and ... Read More

Chaos in Kathmandu

We made it to the world's third most polluted city. Could it be the dust from the goat tracks that double as roads here, or the adulterated petrol which has cheap kerosene added, or even the fires... Read More

The end of the NZ road

We are bereft. Our bikes have just left us. No more sore bums or near death experiences. But we did manage to squeeze another ride in today, on our last day in Christchurch, and NZ. It was a very easy... Read More

It couldn't last for 8 days

Here we are in "central" Haast, holed up in our motel room with the rain coming down. It is two kms to the nearest and only shop and 300 m to the hotel with a great fire and crap food. ... Read More

Half way to Wanaka

We made it over Mt Hercules without stopping, except at the beginning, where I had to change my pants (no, not from fright, I just got too hot). I was looking a bit smug by the time we descended,... Read More
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