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Cycling Stories

We picked up our motorhome, complete with bikes, and couldn't wait to go riding. Free camping on the beach at Timuka gave us a chance to try out our mountain bikes on a goat track that ran at the ... Read More

Tuscan "Hills"

After three days of taking it easy, we thought, "Why not hire bikes for a day and go to San Gimignano for a gelato?" Why not indeed. Because it was going to be a 80km day and we didn't w... Read More

Seeing Siena sedately

Finally, not just a one night stand for another fabulous old Tuscan city. We approached our digs with trepidation as we had committed to four nights sight unseen. But it did come with 543 recommendati... Read More

The end of the road

Venice has no roads, so it really was the end. We stopped in Padua, staying opposite St Anthony's Basilica in a former nunnery. It was just another Italian town with amazing old stuff. We visited ... Read More

More days on the road

It's been 14 days of one night stays and it is becoming a bit of a blur. Only two more days on the bike and then we will stay in Venice for more than one night. Yesterday's ride from Verona to... Read More

Liberation Day

Australia shares a holiday with Italy. I was wondering why there were so many recreational bike riders on the track and why there seemed to be crowds everywhere on Lake Garda. Don't these people h... Read More

Bolzano and beyond

It was raining in Bolzano when we arrived, but it was only a short walk to our hotel and a lovely room overlooking the garden. We are in the South Tyrol and even though it belongs to Italy, you would ... Read More

Arrivederci Puglia

The most difficult bit of our last ride in southern Italy was reading the directions. The road was almost flat, the wind mostly behind us, the scenery still stunning and the directions still conf... Read More

Going round the bend

It's day 4 of our ride and we are still speaking. Now that we are following the coastline, we don't really need directions or a map. It was sunny, cool and the wind was finally behind us, so i... Read More

Pandering around Sicily

Ray's dream has come true. After the debacle of the initial car hire, we were able to use a local firm in Cefalu, get a car for half the price and with no extra charges for another driver and... Read More
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