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Uphill wanderers

There's nothing I like better than an uphill challenge,except, of course, if it's pointless. I am so exhausted that I can hardly write this. Nine hours of riding in rough terrain through rainf... Read More

Sunny southern scenery

Who would have thought that the sun would shine in NZ today? We set off without a hitch, catching the train on time and even got seats on the sunny side. It was a relaxing ride with amazing scenery. A... Read More

Lost in Christchurch

Deciding to walk to the train station, so that we could suss out the terrain for our early morning bike ride tomorrow, we started our adventure by getting lost! Yes, armed with a map, a phone and even... Read More

Last Day on the Alps to Ocean Trail

Here we were in Duntroon, at the kawhai cottage in the midst of the most lovely garden, thinking that we had an easy 54 kms on our last day into Oaramu. Not leaving until 10am, with a 4.30pm deadline ... Read More

The New Zealand Pub

As we walked up the faded carpeted steps to our hotel room, after 64 kms on the bikes, I wondered what seedy rabbit hole Ray had booked for us. Then we opened the door onto a completely renovated and ... Read More

No Cake at Lake Ohau

It was a very easy ride to our lovely house in the village at Lake Ohau. Picture perfect views, but unfortunately, no shop to buy food. I sent Ray out on reconnaissance and he made it to The Lodge, bu... Read More

Roadside Ingenuity

We didn't have to take everything with us on our trip from Mt Cook as we were returning to Twizel, and only needed a backpack to carry our sustenance. However, for the rest of the trip, Ray would ... Read More

From The Alps

We did it! About 80 kms, our longest ride ever on the crappest trail, but the weather was perfect and we didn't get lost. We started the day with a bunch of Chinese, on our bus to Mt Cook, and the... Read More

Rocky Ride to Wanaka

After leaving gorgeous Queenstown this morning, we set our sites on Wanaka, stopping at another gold town, Arrowtown, on the way, for coffee. There were lots of Chinese tourists, and it suddenly dawne... Read More

Rail Trails

You gotta love rail trails - trains can't go up steep inclines, and nor can I. We drove to Lauder to join the Otago trail for a short twenty km trip, which passed through two tunnels and over two ... Read More
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