Day 3: Tanunda to Riverton

I had a brilliant thought during the night, to stay in Tanunda an extra night, so we could avoid cycling in the excessive heat. Ray didn't think it was all that brilliant, as he had had a brilliant idea of his own, to change the tyres on my bike, to make it easier to ride. So off we went 10kms to Nooriupta, where we had breakfast and found a bike shop.

The new tyres did make the ride easier, but they were offset by the 36 degree heat and the 50 kph headwind. Ahh, the joys of cycling. By the time we reached Kapunda three hours later, I was passed caring. So Ray and I parted ways, me to a taxi to Riverton, while he continued to ride. Hopefully, he will arrive soon.

To our surprise we came across a fellow rider today, having seen no-one on the trail previously. He had set out from Adelaide this morning and slipped away into the distance at lightning speed, leaving us gasping in his wake. I'm sure Ray would have liked to give chase, but he was dragged back by his decrepit wife, who was finding it hard enough just to stay upright.

Speaking of decrepit, I was greeted at the hotel by a local called Harry. I thought he was at least 80, but it turns out he is younger than me. I'm sure I am going to look about eighty by the end of this trip. Only one more day of riding until we meet Didy and Mick in Clare and have a rest day. Woo hoo!


Some great countryside and good roads on our way to Kapunda. Unfortunately Brenda was struggling with the after effects of the previous days' tribulations and I had to pack her off the Riverton on a taxi which just happened to be in kapunda at the time.


The giant green tree snake is common in these parts, in this case on the road out of Kapunda. It swept down on the road and swept up an innocent passer by. I just managed to get out the camera and take the shop before the poor bloke was gone forever.


Another picturesque trail.


What can i say?

Not too many pics here because I was riding back to Riverton by myself and going as fast as I possibly could.

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