Seeing Siena sedately

Finally, not just a one night stand for another fabulous old Tuscan city. We approached our digs with trepidation as we had committed to four nights sight unseen. But it did come with 543 recommendations from Just as a storm was coming across the valley, we made it to our room, with fabulous views and a separate lounge. Although the heating is not on (it was 8 last night) we woke to the sun streaming in the windows, and we were able to dry our washing. Breakfast included freshly cut fruit, which was a big plus, as only one other hotel in the last 15 have provided this. I have had to cut up the fruit with a butter knife, and the one place that provided sharp knives provided no fruit. Oh the trials of travelling!

We walked around the grounds of the hotel this morning, which involved a fairly steep climb. We have been assured that deer and rabbits can be seen, but they must be hiding. Setting off to visit some of Siena's sights, we found a knife to purchase. This will come in very handy to cut the pane and cheese that we purchased for lunch on the hotel deck, sipping our very expensive champagne (don't have a corkscrew) and enjoying the view once more.

The duomo is appropriately astonishing, but we couldn't be bothered going inside, maybe tomorrow. We did enter another church, San Domenico, which had the usual artistic masterpieces. After walking around for three hours and dining on the deck we had to have a siesta. Although our intention was to have an afternoon gelati, the weather turned cold and grey, so we had to visit the pasticheria next door for espresso and yummy tarts. And finally my E3 umbrella that I purchased yesterday in anticipation of the storm, came in handy for the 50m walk back.

Tonight we will return to the great little restaurant down the road. I had stuffed blonde onions last night, I wonder what's on the menu tonight...

Ciao for now

Brenda and the tour guide


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